Derby Karate Academy


Derby Karate Academy was founded in 1985, developed from clubs that had been training since the early 1970's and teaches the authentic style of Japanese Wado-Ryu Karate.

Guided by Sensei Lee Minion 5th Dan and his team of intructors, DKA has helped people to achieve goals of personal develpoment as a true martial art isn't just about punching and kicking!

The Academy is a member of the British Karate Academy, which in turn is affiliated to, The English Karate Federation, Wado-Kai England, European Karate Federation and the World Karate Federation.

The Academy is also a direct branch member of the Japanese Karate Federation (JKF) and having taken exams in Japan Sensei Lee is a qualified instructor for the JKF too.

These organisations consist of some of the major bodies who oversee the practice of Karate within the UK and indeed the world.

At Derby Karate Academy we teach Karate as a life skill and not just a hobby. The Academy is dedicated to high standards of teaching, from the humblest of beginners to world class champions.

Our classes are open to anyone of seven years upwards, with classes tailored to both adults and children as well as courses specific to particular areas of karate.

The Academy also teaches a self defence system and techniques which are applicable to modern day life. This is taught within the Academy to individuals, plus within local schools and groups of professional people throughout the community.

We do not give away grades for attendance, everyone attains their belts from the work they put in. Anyone who trains with us and gains a black belt, also gets put on the Japanese black belt register and gains a certificate from Japan too.